Who We Are

Who is Grace Redeemer Church? If you join us for worship, you’ll develop a first impression of the outside: a commercial building with an awning and an elevator to get to the church’s space. When the doors re-open upstairs, it’s a whole different story.

That “external” picture of our church is an apt metaphor for describing who we really are. We’re broken and hurting people because we—and this world in which we live—are not as we should be. Sin is the root of this reality. We often put fresh paint on our outsides and have pretty little awnings, but those efforts can’t conceal the reality of our hearts. Our only hope to live authentically is to trust in the Gospel of Jesus Christ for transformation from the inside.

We seek to be a community defined by Grace—as it has been revealed through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer. Only His perfect work on the cross can accomplish our rescue from sin!

This treasure-gift that we’ve been given as a community is not ours to hoard. The Redeemer himself calls us as his followers to proclaim this Good News to the world. That fuels our Mission-focus during our worship services, within our church family, in our communities and—ultimately—to the ends of the earth.