What to Expect on Sundays


We understand that your first time at a church can be intimidating: you don’t know what to expect, you may not know anyone, or you simply want to “scope out” the church and get out the door quickly! At Grace Redeemer, we want you to be able to experience the great music, relevant yet challenging messages, friendly people and dynamic atmosphere that are a part of our Sunday worship services. Here are some questions we think you might like answered, even before you try us out!


What happens during each Service?

Sunday Worship Service at Grace Redeemer Church is meant to remind us of who we are and what our purpose is in life: we are the beloved children of a Lord Heavenly Father who is merciful and full of grace. We gather to praise Him who sent His only son, that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ might present us holy and sanctified to His Father. We rejoice in this Good News and are sent forth into the world to live as Christ lived and to share His love with the power of the Holy Spirit.


What should I wear?

We don’t believe that dress and spirituality are necessarily connected. As such, you’ll see more jeans than suits or even dress shirts, but we encourage you to come as you are.


What’s available for my kids?

We’re committed to providing a safe, fun, learning & caring environment for your children. You can rest assured that while you’re checking out this new church, your children are being nurtured by dedicated, qualified volunteers who are looking out for the physical, social and spiritual well-being of your child. Please see the GRC Kids page for more details.


What kind of music do you sing?

We intentionally don’t label our “style” because our conviction is that the most important criteria for excellent music is that it honors the object of our singing: God. We eagerly mine the historical traditions while scanning new releases from today’s talented artists. We sing old hymns to new arrangements accompanied by keyboard, bass, guitar and drums; we’ll occasionally assemble a string quartet for a classical worship service; or we’ll raise the volume with God-honoring songs you may hear on the airwaves. Our goal is God-honoring excellence, musically and lyrically. Come and hear for yourself!