Seeking the Peace of the City

August 29, 2019

If GRC picked up and left the community, how would our community feel? Would our city weep? Would anybody even notice? Would anybody care? Given the increasing tensions many Christians feel between the biblical worldview and the values of our culture, our first reaction to those questions might be, “Of course they wouldn’t care. We … Read More

Giving Out Our Poverty

August 22, 2019

I grew up in a church where most members lived below the poverty line, though, you would never have guessed it. Not because they attempted to live outside of their means; it was clear they did not own many expensive things. But because they shared and gave gifts to each other in a way that … Read More

Promises in Brokenness

August 16, 2019

“Brokenness” as a term has become common in its usage, a lot more in the secular world. The world has begun to take pride in it and is looking for acceptance and healing in the wrong places. The usage “proud of my scars” has come to be tossed around, making way to defiance of the … Read More

Three-Directional Love

August 8, 2019

Sometimes we can lose the forest for the trees.  Sometimes we look up and realize we’ve just been going through the motions of living out our faith: church attendance, spiritual disciplines, service, and the like, but not necessarily passionately engaged. You may wonder how all these faith-activities relate to the rest of your daily life … Read More

Biblical Hospitality is Gospel Ministry, Part 2

August 1, 2019

Hello GRC! In last week’s Voice of Grace, I mentioned a book by Rosaria Butterfield that I called one of the most important books I’ve read because I NEEDED to hear its message. In today’s Part 2, I’d like to share a few thoughts on why I believe the church also needs to hear this … Read More

Biblical Hospitality (Not Entertaining) is Gospel Ministry

July 25, 2019

Hello GRC! It’s the middle of summer, when beach, BBQ, ice cream, and “hazy, hot and humid” are more regularly part of our vocabulary. It’s also a season when more time off, no school schedules, and fewer extracurriculars, give us extra space in our calendars. How do we use it? All for SELF? Or do … Read More

Teaching Sunday School is Good for You

July 18, 2019

Two years ago, Karen Jacobsen put out a call for Sunday School teachers.  I was transitioning off of Youth Ministry and still wanted to work with students but unsure about working with those below middle-school age.  My heart said “yes,” but my brain said “no way.”  God and Karen said to trust and to take … Read More

A Legacy of Faith

July 11, 2019

When we closed down my mother’s house a few years ago, I was given custody of the family Bibles. Not the family Bible, the one with records of marriages, births, and baptisms. My older sister claimed that as a birthright. I held something more dear: Bibles actually used by family members. Inside the cover of … Read More

Our World and the Next

July 3, 2019

Consider with me that our world is not one of mere utility. Our Father did not make a world of sheer functionality but of enjoyment too. More than water we have juice, more than intelligible sound we have the wonders of music and more than breathable air we enjoy pleasing fragrances, both natural and contrived. … Read More

I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church

June 27, 2019

As we begin our celebration of the Lord’s Supper each month, we recite together the Apostles’ Creed.  We confess that we believe in “the holy catholic church.”  Now, some might think it strange for a bunch of Presbyterians to confess belief in the catholic church (kind of like the Mets rooting for the Yankees, or … Read More