Public Reading of Scripture



  • All – young and old – are encouraged to participate.
  • 3 continuous days of reading, starting at 7:30am on February 26; estimating 75 hour effort. We plan to finish around noon on February 29th.
  • Sign up for an hour segment with a maximum of 3 readers. Children must be accompanied by at least one parent.
  • Reading may only be from the NIV 2011 Bible provided at the pulpit.
  • Each group of 3 should take turn reading 1 – 2 chapters. Each reader should start every chapter by stating the name of the Book and the chapter number.  This enables everyone to follow along.
  • Please do not come up on stage and “volunteer” to read if there are already 3 readers for that slot. All are invited to sit in the sanctuary and listen or pray for the Word of God to not return empty but accomplish His purpose (Isaiah 55:11)
  • The reading will be livestreamed so plan on spreading the word/Word to churched and unchurched friends.

Sign up dates:

Kick Off Gathering Praise & Prayer:  Wednesday, February 26 @ 7 AM – GRC Sanctuary

Reading of Scripture: 7:30 AM start

Biblical Context for public reading:


Other Resources: