Our Vision

At Grace Redeemer Church, we exist for a PURPOSE, which shapes our VISION, and drives our MISSION.

Why do we exist? — Our Purpose

To glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

What are we trying to accomplish? — Our Vision

To bring the people of Northern NJ and everywhere we serve into a life-transforming encounter with the Kingdom of God. This becomes a reality when large numbers of unchurched people commit their lives to Christ; when believers radically display Christ-like character in their daily lives; when every aspect of society begins to reflect the values of God as revealed in His Word.

How do we plan to accomplish our vision? — Our Mission

  • By lovingly yet boldly proclaiming Gospel truth (i.e. the ‘good news’ that Jesus provides a means of restoring one’s relationship with the Creator) through evangelistic worship and personal relationships.
  • By building up God’s people so that they increasingly bear the likeness of the Savior and demonstrate His compassion for the lost.
  • By strategically building bridges, not walls, between our church and our communities through cultural leadership, compassionate social service, and personal evangelism.
  • By sacrificially investing our personal and church resources in the interests of God’s Kingdom, not primarily for our own comfort and pleasure, but to benefit the least and the lost. This involves passionate prayer, service ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the church, and financial giving.