Growth Groups


The primary way people experience Christ-Centered friendship and “pastoral” care at GRC is in a Growth Group. These are gatherings of 8-12 people representing various backgrounds and stages of life who meet regularly in homes to share life and consider what the Bible has to say about life.

We have new and existing groups meeting that meet during the course of six days of the week in homes throughout the area. If you’d like to find out more or connect to a group, or if you’d like help choosing one, you can choose to provide some basic information, and we can suggest a Growth Group meeting within days. You can do either by click here to give us your details and interest.

What are the benefits of joining a Growth Group?


A sense of community

In our fast-paced society, it’s easy to become isolated. As suburban dwellers with fenced yards, garaged cars, and hyper-scheduled lives, we often have little meaningful contact with neighbors. Both victories and losses are experienced alone. Growth Groups break this cycle by giving us people to love, pray, study, share and serve with as our primary spiritual community.


A place to discover abilities and gifts

In community, we often help each other discover the abilities and opportunities God entrusted to us. Group members are given natural opportunities to use these gifts to serve and encourage the others.


A place to grow

Spiritual transformation requires insight into our own hearts and into God’s heart. Life transforming insight seldom comes to us without the help of brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers in the faith. It’s not a self-study program.