Grace Stories


These are the stories of God’s grace in the lives of God’s people here at Grace Redeemer Church.  These stories are little snapshots of Gospel transformation in people’s lives.  And, we all need that at some level, don’t we?  We all desire that at some level. At times, we all doubt that God can change us—or a spouse—or a situation.  Or a church, or a community, or even a nation.  But, these are real testimonies of God’s grace in people’s lives.  Some of these may strike you as ordinary, and that’s good if it helps you relate to the story, and it reminds you that anyone can change by the power of God.  Some stories may strike you as extraordinary, and that’s good too if it strengthens your ability to believe that God can overcome any obstacle in your life and can change anything.

As you listen to these stories, may the Holy Spirit reveal to you more clearly what your own Grace Story is all about.  And, as you hear these testimonies, and as they’re all different, I hope you remember that which we all have in common.  It is that: by grace, you have been saved; through faith and not of your own doing; it is the gift of God, not the result of works; so that no one may boast.