Good Questions


What kind of church is Grace Redeemer?

We are committed to knowing, living and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Grounded in scripture, we look to the Bible to inform our worldview, teaching and conduct. Evangelical in tone, we enthusiastically share the love of Christ within our fellowship and into our communities, North Jersey and the world. Reformed in theology, we emphasize that the grace of God is His gift to us rather than a reward for our own righteousness. Presbyterian in government, we elect godly leaders and pastors to preach, teach and shepherd us. Grace Redeemer Church is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).


Isn’t Grace Redeemer part of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City?

Grace Redeemer Church was planted by Redeemer NYC members, but has since become a self-sustaining congregation.


What are the church members like?

GRC members are as diverse a body of believers as can be found in Christ’s church. All races and a vast array of ethnicities comprise our number and we come from a wide range of economic circumstances.

Most importantly, we love one another and the believers, seekers and skeptics that come through our doors. You can rest assured of friendly faces and warm fellowship when you visit.


Should I wear my good clothes on Sunday?

No shoes, no shirt, no service. Other than those minimal guidelines, we invite you to wear comfortable clothes, whether they are casual, business casual or professional. Most of us dress neatly and casually, but you may see a suit or two. We like to think “Sunday best” is an attitude of the heart.


I’ve never been much of a church person. Is there room for someone like me?

Always. The church does not—or, at least, should not—exist for its own sake. We seek to glorify God and, if you have a pulse, you have a place among us as his image-bearer. Wherever you are spiritually, we seek to welcome and extend God’s love to you through his risen Son.


What are your church services like?

We try to strike a balance between contemporary informality and ancient ritual. Our music reflects that goal, with a modern praise chorus often following a stately hymn. We employ formal liturgy in small doses and biblical preaching in large ones. Above all, you will find ample opportunities to both participate and listen. Holy Communion is normally observed on the first Sunday of each month.


Are there other events on Sundays?

Adult Christian Education (ACE) takes place on most Sundays between the 1st and 2nd services. Here you can learn more about the Bible or a relevant topic from a biblical perspective. Smaller groups often meet for prayer during this hour, as do Sunday school classes for youth and children. Do not leave without enjoying a cup of coffee or something sweet during this hour of fellowship.


I have young children. Should I leave them at home with a babysitter?

By no means! Our children’s ministry attends to children and toddlers with age-specific programs. All the teachers have been thoroughly vetted with background checks, and are eager to show and teach the love of God to your kids.