From Server Room to Sanctuary

September 2016. This was the former tenant’s server and data room, replete with raised flooring over refrigeration cooled tiles, massive generators, and thousands of computer servers. Somehow, we envisioned this to be our future worship space, our Sanctuary.

Skip forward to April 2017, the day of our closing, and with all the servers, flooring, and refrigeration removed, we gathered here for an impromptu prayer and praise through song (below).

 Skip forward to ...

In September 2017, we began to tear down the ceiling tiles, raising the ceiling height to prepare to build our new worship space. Walls surrounding the room were also torn down, expanding the room to encompass the nearby offices to the right of the future “stage”. New walls were constructed at the “back” of the worship space to create a potential future multi-purpose overflow room.

Most recently (end of October 2017), drywall started being installed, creating the new walls surrounding the now much larger room, and you can start to get the sense of what the room will eventually look like.

Stay tuned on this blog for more updates to come, including the flooring, new ceiling, stage construction, audio/visual equipment ... and so much more.