Our Fellowship Hall Is Taking Shape

The above photos show what the space looked like back in September 2016, when members of GRC first toured the building and the space which would ultimately become our new Fellowship Hall. It was still cubicle office support space for the prior tenant.

Over the last couple of months—after the requisite plans were finalized, contractors retained, and permits obtained—work began in earnest at our new home at 21 Harristown Road. Today, we are giving you a slideshow tour of what’s been happening in our new gathering space/fellowship hall. Imagine that! No more cramped fellowship “hallway” but a true Fellowship Hall!

Construction Begins: September 2017

By closing, all the original furniture had been removed by the original tenants, and in September 2017 we started by ripping up the original carpeting, taking down some of the walls, and laying out the framework.

Putting in Walls: October 2017

In October 2017,  we started putting in walls where new interior spaces were going to be filled out. While this was going on, members of various committees continued to design and plan out the usage of this space, including: lounge areas, informational kiosks, meeting spaces, and refreshments stations. Note in the last photo the new entryway from the main rear doors of the building directly into the Fellowship Hall.

Special thanks to David Chen, who has continued to provide such a tremendously diligent photographic record of our progress and process.